Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Diamond, Graham

(1945-    ) US writer whose Haven series – The Haven (1978), Lady of the Haven (1978), Dungeons of Kuba (1979), The Falcon of Eden (1980), The Beasts of Hades (1981) and Forest Wars (1994) – begins with a Last-Redoubt tale in which the Redoubt of All Humanity must preserve itself from the onslaughts of talking Wolves whose Talents are explained in Science-Fantasy terms as a product of bio-engineering. Eventually the focus of the series shifts, concentrating on the female wolf-leader and her adventures in an increasingly Planetary-Romance setting. The Samarkand sequence – Samarkand (1980) and Samarkand Dawn (1981) – is placed in a Land-of-Fable East, where Samarkand itself serves as an entrepot for Asia's trade and, aided only by a certain amount of Magic, must defend itself from barbarian hordes. The Marrakesh sequence – Marrakesh (1981) and Marrakesh Nights (1984) – is also set in a land of fable, here a somewhat more pixillated Arabian-Fantasy venue. Of more interest are GD's first singletons, The Thief of Kalimar (1979), located in a Earth-like Fantasyland, and Captain Sinbad (1980), which demystifies its hero. [JC]

other works: Cinnabar (1985).

Graham R Diamond


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