Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Dexter, Susan

(1955-    ) US writer who began publishing fantasy with the Winter King's War sequence – The Ring of Allaire (1981), The Sword of Calandra (1985) and The Mountains of Channadran (1986) – set in a medievalized Fantasyland and initially featuring the Sorcerer's-Apprentice mishaps of a young Wizard in training. Soon enough, though, a comic Quest (with Companions) is underway, involving a variety of Plot Coupons until eventually the protagonist is proven a Hidden Monarch. Later volumes continue in similar fashion, though the threat of a Magic-induced permanent winter adds some gravity. The Wizard's Shadow (1993), set in the same venue, avoids dynastic problems and works as a modest Heroic Fantasy. A second series is the Warhorse of Esdragon sequence – The Prince of Ill Luck (1994) and The Wind-Witch (1995) with further volumes projected. [JC]

Susan Elizabeth Dexter


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