Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Deitz, Tom

Working name of US writer Thomas Franklin Deitz (1952-2009), whose David Sullivan sequence – Windmaster's Bane (1986), Fireshaper's Doom (1987), Darkthunder's Way (1989), Sunshaker's War (1990), Stoneskin's Revenge (1991) and Dreamseeker's Road (1995) – is, like almost all his work, Contemporary Fantasy set in Georgia. The plots are complex, often involving the teenaged Sullivan's intervention in the Crosshatch activities of the denizens of Faerie; there is also, as in the not dissimilar work of writers like Catherine Cooke and Midori Snyder, a tendency rather ruthlessly to intermingle elements of Celtic Fantasy and Native American Myth. TD's second sequence, the Soulsmith series – Soulsmith (1991), Dreambuilder (1992) and Wordwright (1993) – likewise features a teenaged protagonist, this time a Twin with Talents who must battle the head of his family, which has a Secret-Masters relationship to the surrounding mundane world; a sidebar character of some interest is a Trickster figure known under various names.

The Gryphon King (1989), in a university setting, features a mummers play whose enactment raises Satan. Above the Lower Sky (1994) is a near-future fantasy whose main characters – such as a SelkieCrosshatch with the real world. At points the complexity works, and gives hints that TD may significantly expand his remit. [JC]

Thomas Franklin Deitz


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