Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Deeping, Warwick

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(1877-1950) UK writer of much popular fiction. His genre works include Uther & Igraine (1903), which approaches the Arthurian Cycle (> Arthur) through a tale describing the relationship between his parents. Other Arthurian tales include The Man on the White Horse (1934); The Man who Went Back (1940), a Timeslip story in which an Englishman fighting in World War II finds himself in the mind and body of a Roman Briton named Pellias, and rallies his people against the Germanic invaders until he is knocked unconscious and returns to the present battle; and The Sword and the Cross (1957), which incorporates appearances by a fabulated Artorius. I Live Again (1942), WD's only fantasy not to treat the Matter of Britain through Arthur, has a plotline involving multiple Reincarnations. [JC]

George Warwick Deeping


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