Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
DeChancie, John

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(1946-    ) US writer who worked in tv before beginning to publish printed fantasy and sf, and who has since done both. Of fantasy interest is the Castle Perilous sequence – Castle Perilous (1988), Castle for Rent (1989), Castle Kidnapped (1989), Castle War! (1990), Castle Murders (1991), Castle Dreams (1992), Castle Spellbound (1992) and Bride of the Castle (1994) – all episodes of which are centred on the eponymous Edifice. This occupies a Polder of heightened Little Big reality at the heart of the worlds, somewhere outside normal space and time, and boasts 144,000 Portals to a similar number of worlds, all of which are, Amber-like (see Roger Zelazny), ontologically bound to the centre. Many of the conflicts in the sequence revolve around the castle's ruler, Lord Incarnadine, and his evil Twin, who runs his own castle on lines which Parody the good Incarnadine's methods. MagicNet (1993), a Technofantasy, features one protagonist whose personality is magically trapped inside a computer program and another who invades a surreal Los Angeles in order to defeat the enemy and justify his friend. [JC]

other works (sf): The Skyway sequence, comprising Starrigger (1983), Red Limit Freeway (1984) and Paradox Alley (1986); Crooked House (1987) with Thomas F Monteleone, horror; The Kruton Interface (1993); the Dr Dimension sequence with David Bischoff, comprising Dr Dimension (1993) and Dr Dimension: Masters of Spacetime (1994); Living with Aliens (1995).

John DeChancie


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