Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
de Larrabeiti, Michael

(1937-2008) UK writer whose Borribles sequence – The Borribles (1976), The Borribles Go for Broke (1981) and The Borribles: Across the Dark Metropolis (1986) – describes a Wainscot society (the Borribles themselves, Elves who resemble streetwise human children) in a London whose populous, gargoyle-infested subterranean grimness has fittingly been likened to that of Charles Dickens (see also Urban Fantasy); some Quests are undertaken, Companions gained (and cruelly lost), and battles fought. The sequence is remarkable for its threatening contemporaneity. The Provençal Tales (coll 1988), nonfantasy, assembles traditional material with an air of the Twice-Told. [JC]

Michael de Larrabeiti


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