Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Dawson, Coningsby W

(1883-1959) UK writer, in the USA from 1904, though returning temporarily to fight with a Canadian regiment in World War I; most of his early work reflects his war experiences. The Road to Avalon (1911) is a curious Allegory in which Arthurian legend provides the bulk of the apparatus of a modern Pilgrim's Progress; the hero sets forth to find Avalon in order that Arthur may return but is continually seduced from his true path by the enchantress Lilith and her associates. The Unknown Country (1915 chap) is a Posthumous Fantasy. When Father Christmas Was Late (coll 1919) includes among other sentimental Christmas tales The Seventh Christmas (1917 chap) and A Christmas Legend of Hamelin Town (1965 chap). CD was the son of the Reverend William James Dawson (1854-1958), author of the Christian Fantasies The House of Dreams (1897) and A Soldier of the Future (1908). [BS]

other works: The Unknown Soldier (1929 chap).

Coningsby William Dawson


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