Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Dann, Jack

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(1945-    ) US writer and anthologist, in Australia since 1993. Most of the anthologies he has edited with Gardner Dozois (1947-    ) are fantasy. JD began publishing work of genre interest with "Dark, Dark the Dead Star" and "Traps" for Worlds of If in 1970, both with George Zebrowski (1945-    ). His novels are all sf except The Memory Cathedral: A Secret History of Leonardo da Vinci (1995), which is fantasy. At the end of his days, Leonardo Da Vinci uses the eponymous Edifice to re-enter his life and relive it. JD allows some ambiguity as to how literally this re-entry may be taken; but the life revealed itself contributes to a Fantasy of History, in which Leonardo invents working airplanes (travelling in one to the Middle East) and variously affects history. [JC]

other works (all ed with Gardner Dozois): Aliens! (anth 1980); Unicorns! (anth 1982); Magicats! (anth 1984) and Magicats II (anth 1991); Bestiary! (anth 1985); Mermaids! (anth 1985); Sorcerers! (anth 1986); Demons! (anth 1987); Dogtales! (anth 1988); Seaserpents! (anth 1989); Dinosaurs! (anth 1990); Little People! (anth 1991); Unicorns II (anth 1992); Dragons! (anth 1993); Invaders! (anth 1993); Horses! (anth 1994); Angels! (anth 1995) and Dinosaurs II (anth 1995).

Jack Mayo Dann


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