Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Dann, Colin

(1943-    ) UK writer best-known for his Farthing Wood sequence of YA Animal FantasiesThe Animals of Farthing Wood (1979), The Ram of Sweetriver (1986) and In the Path of the Storm (1989), assembled as The Animals of Farthing Wood Omnibus (omni 1995) – which incorporate Beast-Fable elements through the unlikely alliance of Fox and Toad, who cooperate to lead their own and other species out of danger to a safe Polder. Most of CD's other novels – the Vagabonds series, being King of the Vagabonds (1987) and The City Cats (1991), plus the singletons The Beach Dogs (1988) and A Great Escape (1990) – similarly shift between animal fantasy and beast fable. The Legacy of Ghosts (1991) is a Ghost Story. [JC]

Colin Michael Dann


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