Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Cullen, Seamus

Pseudonym of US advertising executive and writer (1921-2005) James Serwer, in Ireland from the 1970s, who did not wish his true name divulged. His first novel was non-genre; his second, Astra and Flondrix (1976 UK), is a relatively rare presentation of eroticism in fantasy. The king of a Fantasyland kingdom on a post-Holocaust Earth impregnates his Elf bride; their son Flondrix matures into a Shapeshifter and sexual athlete, and inadvertently awakens a Malign Sleeper; a sequel reportedly titled «The Beast Beneath» remains unpublished.

The short sequence A Noose of Light (1986 UK) and The Sultan's Turret (1986 UK) is Arabian Fantasy: it less successfully and far less cheerfully subjects its two female protagonists to violent sexual exploitation: one becomes a whore; the latter must disguise herself as a man (see Gender Disguise). The telling tends to be both florid and flimsy. [JC/DRL]

James Serwer


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