Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Crypt of Cthulhu

US Small-Press digest Magazine, Hallowmas 1981-current (#90, Lammas 1995), published originally by Cryptic Publications, New Jersey, but since 1990 (#76) by Necronomicon Press, Rhode Island; ed Robert M Price (1954-    ). Its issue dates relate to feast days rather than months.

COC is an eclectic, nonacademic magazine dedicated to the study and analysis of the life and career of H P Lovecraft and associated writers. Most articles – often informative and never staid – are written in a lighthearted style. Of special merit are the articles by S T Joshi and Will Murray (1953-    ). The magazine also contains fiction; of particular interest are the issues which can be regarded as Anthologies/collections in their own right. Such issues include: #10 Ashes and Others (coll 1982 chap), presenting more recently identified revisions and ghostwriting by Lovecraft; #16 Tales from the Crypt of Cthulhu (anth 1983 chap); #21 Saturnalia and Other Poems (coll 1984 chap) ed Joshi, a collection of Lovecraft's poems; #27 Untold Tales (coll 1984 chap) by Clark Ashton Smith; #43 The Tomb Herd and Others (coll 1986 chap), early tales by Ramsey Campbell; #44 Medusa and Other Poems (coll 1986 chap) ed Joshi, a further selection of Lovecraft's poems; #50 Ghostly Tales (coll 1987 chap), juvenilia by Campbell; #54 The Fishers from Outside (coll 1988 chap) by Lin Carter; #59 Forgotten Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (anth 1988 chap); #67 The Plains of Nightmare (coll 1989 chap) by John S Glasby (1928-2011); #70 The Necronomicon (coll 1990 chap) by Lin Carter; and #71 The Brooding City (coll 1990 chap) by Glasby. Special issues have studied the works of Robert H Barlow (1918-1951) #60, Robert Bloch #40, Peter Cannon (1951-    ) #90, Lin Carter #36 and #69, Robert E Howard #3, Henry Kuttner #41, Thomas Ligotti #68, Frank Belknap Long #42, Brian Lumley #19, Duane Rimel (1915-1996) #79, and Richard L Tierney (1936-    ) #24 and #86. An index to the first 50 issues was published in #55. Price has also produced an anthology derived from the magazine, Black Forbidden Things (anth 1992). [MA]

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