Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Creature from the Black Lagoon

US movie (1954). Universal International. Pr William Alland. Dir Jack Arnold. Underwater sequences dir James C Havens. Spfx Charles S Welbourne. Screenplay Harry Essex, Arthur Ross. Novelization Creature From the Black Lagoon * (1954) by Vargo Statten (John Russell Fearn; 1908-1960). Starring Julia Adams (Kay Lorris), Ricou Browning (Creature), Richard Carlson (Dr David Reed), Richard Denning (Mark Williams), Antonio Moreno (Carl Maia), Nestor Paiva (Lucas). 79 mins. B/w.

Scientist Maia, working in upper Amazonia, discovers a fossil hand that does not fit into the evolutionary tree. He rounds up a team comprising Lorris, Reed and Williams to investigate further. They discover that an intelligent amphibian from the dawn of time still survives in the Black Lagoon, which lies at the end of one of the Amazon's tributaries. Very little else happens, except that the Monster threatens them and kills off a few minor characters, yet this is one of the quintessential Monster Movies, probably because of the deliberate eroticism of the underwater sequences in which the Creature tracks Lorris, mimicking her swimming motions. [JG]

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