Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Crawford, Betty Anne

(1952-    ) US writer whose early work appeared under pseudonyms. Three were used on the Psi Patrol sequence: Psi Patrol #1: Sal's Book (1985) as by Sal Liquori; #2: Hendra's Book (1985) as by Hendra Benoit, and #3: Max's Book * (1985) as by Maxwell Hurley; the named author of each text is one of the series' three teenaged protagonists, all of whom are learning to use their Talents to discover themselves and to fight Evil. Two Queens of Lochrin (1990) as by Lee Creighton is set partly in New York and partly, through Timeslip, in a world constructed according to the tenets of Celtic Fantasy, but whose Reality is subject to challenge. The Bushido Incident (1992), as BAC, is sf. [JC]

Betty Anne Crawford


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