Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Coven 13/Witchcraft & Sorcery

C13 was a US digest Magazine, 4 issues, bimonthly, September 1969-March 1970, published by Camelot Publishing, Los Angeles; ed Arthur H Landis (1917-1986). The subscription list was then sold to William L Crawford (1911-1984), who continued the magazine as a large-format Small-Press neo-pulp retitled W&S, 5 issues, bimonthly (but irregular, January/February, May 1971, [January] 1972, [July] 1972, [July] 1973, [September] 1974), published by Fantasy Publishing Co., Alhambra, California; ed Gerald W Page (1939-    ).

C13 endeavoured to be a quality magazine, attractively illustrated throughout by William Stout, but its low budget meant Landis bought fiction from acquaintances, mostly in academia and tv around Los Angeles; best-known contributors were Harlan Ellison, Ron Goulart, Robert E Howard and Bill Pronzini (1943-    ). C13 sought to emulate both Weird Tales and Unknown, and succeeded moderately. Its fiction focused mostly on tales of Witchcraft, Vampires and the occult with early examples of American Gothic. It also serialized, through all four issues, the Science-Fantasy "Let There Be Magick" (exp vt A World Called Camelot 1976) by Landis as James R Keaveney, a tale in the style of Christopher Stasheff.

Revamped as W&S, the magazine sought to have stronger, darker fiction and the emphasis gradually shifted from the supernatural to Fantasy, especially Heroic Fantasy. In this vein it came closer to WT, although the quality began to suffer as the budget failed. Well illustrated, and with fiction from Gary Brandner (1933-2013), Glen Cook, August W Derleth, R A Lafferty, Brian Lumley, Emil Petaja (1915-2000) and E Hoffmann Price, the magazine is now primarily recalled for Price's column of reminiscences about the pulp days, Jade Pagoda. [MA]

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