Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Corlett, William

(1938-2005) UK actor, dramatist and writer, initially known for the Gate sf sequence and latterly for the more ambitious Magician's House sequence – The Steps up the Chimney (1990), The Door in the Tree (1991), The Tunnel Behind the Waterfall (1991) and The Bridge in the Clouds (1992) – in which a 16th-century Magus, involved in his own time in Alchemy, comes into the contemporary world in aid of some beleaguered children, with whom he has Timeslip and Otherworld adventures. The Secret Line (1988) (> Trains), features a secret line on the London Underground with stations into other realities. The Summer of the Haunting (1993) is a Supernatural Fiction. [JC]

William Albert Corlett


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