Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Cooke, Catherine

Working name of US writer Catherine Marie Cooke Montrose (1963-    ), who began publishing with her first fantasy series, Eleven KingdomsMask of the Wizard (1985), Veil of Shadow (1987) and The Hidden Temple (1988). Set in a Celtic-Fantasy environment, the sequence, whose plot is complicated, may be seen as deriving from a conservative rendering of the Triple Goddess as a figure masked (and perhaps contorted) by patriarchy; for instance, her priestesses must remain virgin (unlike acolytes of the Goddess in her uncloaked prime), and much of the plot hinges upon the shame and exile experienced by one female protagonist who loses her Virginity, and who must be championed by more than one Hero. A Shapeshifter villain provides much of the interest of the sequence, which ends in a restoration of the proper monarchy. The Winged Assassin sequence – The Winged Assassin (1987), Realm of the Gods (1988) and The Crimson Goddess (1989) – similarly hinges on a conservatively rendered Goddess figure. [JC]

Catherine Marie Cooke Montrose


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