Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Conway, Hugh

Pseudonym of UK writer Frederick John Fargus (1847-1885), who wrote poems and music-hall songs before he became established as a writer of ingenious melodramas with Called Back (1883 Arrowsmith's Christmas Annual; 1884), a murder mystery in which a blind man, Vaughan, is witness to the crime. After his sight is restored Vaughan marries a girl who was also a witness to the crime but has lost all memory. Vaughan is able to psychically communicate (> Talents) with his wife by touching hands, and he can see the murder through her eyes, thus solving the case. The book was a bestseller. In a tragically short writing career before his death from tuberculosis, HC wrote 10 books. Bound Together (coll 1884; cut vt The Secret of the Stradivarius 1924 chap) contains a number of atmospheric Ghost Stories. [MA]

Frederick John Fargus


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