Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Connell, Evan E

(1924-2013) US writer best-known for work outside the fantasy genre; he has won acclaim for his novels, poetry, and nonfiction. The Alchymist's Journal (1991) comprises seven perspectives on Paracelsus. Although the novel contains no fantastic elements concerning Alchemy (such wonders as Paracelsus's associates claim to have seen may be rationalized), its vivid dramatization of the quest for Transmutation and transcendence shows its thematic concern with conceptual breakthrough. EEC has also published A Long Desire (1979) and White Lantern (1980), essays on antiquities and figures from intellectual history – Paracelsus, Prester John – that convey the sense of intellectual Quest driving The Alchymist's Journal. [GF]

Evan E Connell


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