Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Colombo, John Robert

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(1936-    ) Canadian writer, poet and anthologist whose 125 books, almost all dealing with Canada, include several of genre interest. The Great Wall of China: An Entertainment (coll 1966 chap) and Mostly Monsters (coll 1977) are volumes of found poetry whose intersections are fantastic; Anthologies of genre fiction (often comprising the first volumes of such work to be published in Canada) include Other Canadas: An Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy (anth 1979), Friendly Aliens: Thirteen Stories of the Fantastic Set in Canada by Foreign Authors (anth 1981), Not to be Taken at Night: Thirteen Classic Canadian Tales of Mystery and the Supernatural (anth 1981), Windigo: An Anthology of Fact and Fantastic Fiction (anth 1982) and Worlds in Small: An Anthology of Miniature Literary Compositions (anth 1992 chap).

Years of Light: A Celebration of Leslie A. Croutch (1982) examines the life of a Canadian sf fan and writer. JRC's bibliographies include CDN SF&F: A Bibliography of Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy (1979 chap) with Alexandre L Amprimoz, John Bell and Michael Richardson; and Blackwood's Books: A Bibliography (1981), devoted to Algernon Blackwood, now superseded by the work of Mike Ashley. JRC's command of his territory is magisterial. [JC]

Nonfiction: Colombo's Book of Marvels (1979; exp vt Mysterious Canada: Strange Sights, Extraordinary Events, and Peculiar Places 1988); Extraordinary Experiences: Personal Accounts of the Paranormal in Canada (anth 1989); Mysterious Encounters: Personal Accounts of the Supernatural in Canada (anth 1990); Mackenzie King's Ghost; And Other Personal Accounts of Canadian Hauntings (anth 1991); Dark Visions (1992); The Mystery of the Shaking Tent (1993).

John Robert Colombo


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