Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Cobb, Irvin S

(1876-1944) US writer, mostly of Supernatural Fiction, though he wrote some Slick Fantasy; most of the best of his work was assembled in seven collections: The Escape of Mr Prim: His Plight, and Other Plights (coll 1913); From Place to Place (coll 1920); Sundry Accounts (coll 1922); The Snake Doctor and Other Stories (coll 1923); On an Island That Cost $24.00 (coll 1926); This Man's World (coll 1929) and Faith, Hope and Charity (coll 1934), the 1930 title story of which, along with "Fishhead" (1913), being his most popular tales. [JC]

Irvin S Cobb


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