Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Clarke, Pauline

(1921-2013) UK writer, active under her own name since 1948 as an author of children's stories and since 1953 as Helen Clare, under which name she has published mostly for younger children, mainly the Five Dolls sequence about live Dolls. As HC she wrote Merlin's Magic (1953), an Arthur tale for somewhat older children. Her main accomplishment as an author of Children's Fantasy is almost certainly The Twelve and the Genii (1962; vt The Return of the Twelves 1964 US), which again focuses on the animation of dolls, in this case the 12 toy soldiers which inspired the early fantasies of Charlotte Brontë and her siblings; these are brought to life by a present-day boy and followed through a final journey. The Two Faces of Silenus (1972) is a Rite-of-Passage YA fantasy. [JC]

Anne Pauline Clarke


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