Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Christopher, John

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Working name of UK writer Sam Youd (1922-2012) whose first novel, The Winter Swan (1949), one of his rare fantasy tales, was published as by Christopher Youd; told in retrograde steps, it employs Timeslip techniques to convey the complexity of several intertwined lives. Most of JC's work has been sf or nonfantastic, the latter books being written as by Hilary Ford, Peter Graaf and Samuel Youd. Later fantasy tales include The Little People (1966), in which an old castle turns out to be a Bad Place through which echoes of World War II percolate, specifically evoking "medical" experiments in a concentration camp. The Prince in Waiting sequence – The Prince in Waiting (1970), Beyond the Burning Lands (1971) and The Sword of the Spirits (1972) – presents what seems to be a fantasy version of post-Holocaust England, though the supernatural "Spirits" who rule this world turn out to have an sf explanation. A Dusk of Demons (1993), despite its title, is an sf tale set in a similarly devastated UK. [JC]

Sam Youd


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