Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

US movie (1983). Columbia/Polar Film. Pr Larry Franco, Richard Kobritz. Exec pr Kirby McCauley, Mark Tarlov. Dir John Carpenter. Spfx sv Roy Arbogast. Screenplay Bill Phillips. Based on Christine (1983) by Stephen King. Starring Roberts Blossom (LeBay), Keith Gordon (Arnie), William Ostrander (Buddy), Alexandra Paul (Leigh), Robert Prosky (Darnell), Harry Dean Stanton (Junkins), John Stockwell (Dennis). 110 mins. Colour.

Christine is a Car possessed (see Possession) by an evil Spirit, and since manufacture in 1957 has been causing misery and death. In 1978 highschool wimp Arnie – bullied, like the eponymous Carrie, by peer group and mother – falls in love with the hulk and rebuilds it. Her attainment of new splendour is matched by his own: he becomes the boy all the girls want to date (although he is not pleasant: he too is possessed). One girl, Leigh, is almost killed by a jealous Christine. A gang led by bully Buddy trash the car, but it swiftly repairs itself and kills them. At last Leigh and nice boy Dennis succeed in destroying Christine in a crusher, although Arnie is killed too. C is an interesting Technofantasy about the double possession; also, as is made explicit in Dennis's final confrontation with the Monster, it is about a Hero battling a Dragon for the hand of a fair princess. [JG]

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