Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Chin, M Lucie

(1947-    ) US writer who began publishing fantasy with "The Best is Yet to Be" for Galileo in 1978. Her only novel, The Fairy of Ku-She (as "The Snow Fairy" in Faery! [anth 1985] ed Terri Windling; exp 1988) – despite the surface quiet of its setting in a Land-of-Fable Ming dynasty China (see also Chinoiserie) – is a violent and ruthless tale. The Fairy, having lost a magic vase necessary to her duties, is exiled to the mortal world, where she gives birth to a son who is immortal (see Immortality) and who, raised to the heavenly Otherworld that is the fairy's own home, begins to ravage both Faerie and mundane Reality. [JC]

M Lucie Chin


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