Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Chetwin, Grace

(1964-    ) UK-born writer, in the USA from 1964, though she has also spent much time in New Zealand. She began publishing work of fantasy interest with On All Hallow's Eve (1984), a tale (like most of her work) for the YA market; a Welsh girl in the USA is plunged, at Hallowe'en, into an Otherworld where she must fight for her Soul. The sequel, Out of the Dark World (1985), verges into sf. The series for which GC remains best known, the Gom books – Gom on Windy Mountain (1986), which serves as a prelude to the Tales of Gom trilogy, comprising The Riddle and the Rune (1987), The Crystal Stair (1988) and The Starstone (1989) – is much smoother, and traces the growth to maturity and power of Gom, a young Wizard who comes to adulthood in a Land of Fable that closely resembles the Forest-haunted Germany of the Brothers Grimm. A third series, initiated with The Chimes of Alyafaleyn (1993), combines sf and fantasy, taxing its female protagonist to come to maturity in a world where Talents are controlled by technological means. GC's work, though increasingly well couched, tends to be unchallenging. [JC]

other works: The Atheling (1988; rev 1991), sf, beginning the unfinished Last Legacy sequence; Mr Meredith and the Truly Remarkable Stone (1989), for younger children; Box and Cox (1990), for younger children; Collidescope (1990), sf; Child of the Air (1991); Friends in Time (1992).

Grace Chetwin


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