Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Chaykin, Howard

(1950-    ) US Comic-book illustrator whose b/w work has a raw, bold energetic quality. In much of his painted work, in rich opaque colour, he treats each two-page spread as a single, informal design, in which the sequence of the constituent images is clarified by judicious placing of text and speech balloons.

HC's first published work was for Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (in Sword of Sorcery #1 1973). He both wrote and drew Cody Starbuck (in Star*Reach #1 1974 and Cody Starbuck graph coll 1978), The Scorpion (#1 1975) and Iron Wolf (1986), and produced painted artwork for three groundbreaking Graphic Novels: Empire (graph 1978) by Samuel R Delany, The Swords of Heaven, The Flowers of Hell (graph 1979) by Michael Moorcock and The Stars My Destination (graph Vol 1 1979; complete story graph 1992), an adaptation of Alfred Bester's Tiger! Tiger! (1956). Another painted story was Gideon Faust (in Heavy Metal 1982) written by Len Wein (1948-2017), in which his experiments with page layout were particularly interesting.

Further milestone projects have been American Flagg (#1-#26 1983-1986), Time² (in American Flagg Special 1986 and Time²: The Epiphany 1987), a special four-issue series of The Shadow (#1-#4 1986; graph coll 1986) and the erotic Black Kiss (#1-#12 1988-1989), for all of which HC provided both story and art. [RT]

Howard Victor Chaykin


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