Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Charrette, Robert N

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(1953-    ) US writer and role-playing Game designer who initially concentrated on ties for two series owned by FASA: Shadowrun (which see for titles), and Battletech, to which sequence he contributed his first novel, Wolves on the Border * (1988), plus Heir to the Dragon * (1989) and Wolf Pack * (1992). The premises governing RNC's own series, ArtosA Prince Among Men (1994) and A King Beneath the Mountains (1995) – derive from those governing Shadowrun, as both are Technofantasies set in the middle of a 21st century invaded by a leakage (see Crosshatch) of Magic creatures. But RNC's own world is a dystopia under the sway of giant corporations, and the reborn Arthur, who takes to the streets as Artor, is a creation of some vigour. [JC]

Robert N Charrette


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