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Charnas, Suzy Mckee

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(1939-    ) US writer and former teacher who earned initial fame for her sf novel Walk to the End of the World (1974) which, with its sequels Motherlines (1979) – both assembled as Walk to the End of the World and Motherlines (omni 1989 UK) – and The Furies (1994), portrayed a dystopian post-Holocaust future where women seek to recover their status and escape the blame placed upon them for the world's ills (see Gender). Starting with "The Ancient Mind at Work" (1979 Omni) SMC began a sequence of stories that depicts a scientifically rationalized Vampire, superior to humans. The series developed into the highly regarded The Vampire Tapestry (coll of linked stories 1980), of which "Unicorn Tapestry" (1980 New Dimension 11) won the Nebula Award. SMC's portrayal of Dr Weyland, the vampire anthropologist, is one of the most convincing in modern Supernatural Fiction.

Her remaining longer works include a good Timeslip, Dorothea Dreams (1986), and a traditional YA fantasy adventure, the Sorcery Hill trilogy – The Bronze King (1985), The Silver Glove (1988) and The Golden Thread (1989) – in which teenagers seek to fight off marauders from an Otherworld. She returned to a more creative mood with "Boobs" (1989 Asimov's), a first-person Werewolf story, which received the Hugo Award, and the YA The Kingdom of Kevin Malone (1993), where the eponymous petty-thief-turned-worldmaker becomes a prince in his own created land of Faerie. [MA]

other works: Listening to Brahms (1986 Omni; 1991 chap); Moonstone and Tiger Eye (coll 1992 chap).

Suzy Mckee Charnas


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