Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Charmings, The

US tv series (1987-1988). Embassy Communications/ABC. Pr Mark Fink, Danny Kallis, Al Lowenstein. Exec pr Roxie Wenk Evans, Prudence Fraser, Robert Sternin. Dir Mark Cullingham and others. Writers Douglas Bernstein and others. Created by Fraser, Sternin. Starring Brandon Call (Thomas Charming), Carol Huston (Snow White Charming in 1988), Caitlin O'Heaney (Snow White Charming in 1987), Garette Ratliffe (Corey Charming), Christopher Rich (Prince Eric Charming), Judy Parfitt (Queen Lillian White), Paul Winfield (The Mirror). 21 30min episodes. Colour.

A sitcom version of Snow White. Snow White and Prince Charming attempt to dispose of her evil Stepmother Queen Lillian by tossing her into a bottomless pit, but it proves not bottomless: she climbs out and casts a powerful Spell: the whole family, herself included, falls asleep for centuries. All eventually wake to find themselves living in modern suburbia. Prince Charming becomes a children's author, Snow White a dress designer. Lillian, who lives upstairs, spends much of her time throwing spells and arguing with her Magic Mirror, which has developed a very sarcastic streak.

Many episodes used elements from other fairytales, such as magic beans and Cinderella. But the series lasted barely one season. [BC]

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