Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Champions, The

UK tv series (1968-1969). ATV Midlands. Pr Monty Berman. Dir Roy Ward Baker, Cyril Frankel, Sam Wanamaker and others. Writers Brian Clemens, Terry Nation, Dennis Spooner and others. Starring Alexandra Bastedo (Sharron Macready), Stuart Damon (Craig Stirling), William Gaunt (Richard Barrett), Anthony Nicholls (Tremayne). 30 60min episodes. Colour.

Some episodes of this neatly executed series are reminiscent of the earlier Man from U.N.C.L.E., and the three Champions, who work for the organization Nemesis, pursue the same goal: maintaining a balance of power among power-blocs. But the Champions are Superheroes with Talents, given to them by a Lost Race of Secret Masters from Tibet (see Theosophy). [JC]

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