Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

US slick-format small-press Magazine, 2 issues (Winter 1976, Spring 1977), published and ed Arnie Fenner (1955-    ) and Pat Cadigan (1953-    ) – with Byron Roark for #1. (The title is French for "jackal".)

Among the first quality Small-Press magazines, C grew from REH: Lone Star Fictioneer, a fanzine devoted to Robert E Howard. The focus remained mostly on Sword and Sorcery, with stories by David C Smith and Karl Edward Wagner. However, further contributions by Tom Reamy, Howard Waldrop (1946-    ) and Cadigan herself indicated a wider platform for the magazine beyond Heroic Fantasy. C was revived as Shayol. [MA]

This entry is taken from the Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) edited by John Clute and John Grant. It is provided as a reference and resource for users of the SF Encyclopedia, but apart from possible small corrections has not been updated.