Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Cemetery Dance

US large-format small-press Magazine, quarterly, December 1988-current, published and ed Richard Chizmar (1965-current).

One of the better of the flush of semiprozines which grew up in the wake of The Horror Show and were facilitated by the spread of DTP, CD concentrates more on supernatural Horror than on fantasy. Many stories emphasize physical horror and sexual excess, though only occasionally do they venture into the extremes of Splatterpunk. The supernatural focus is on such traditional themes as Vampires, Zombies and the occult. Early issues had an author theme, with David B Silva (1950-2013) in #1, Richard Christian Matheson in #3, Rick Hautala (1949-2013) in #5, J N Williamson in #6 and Joe R Lansdale (1951-    ) in #7, but rapidly improving production standards led to national newsstand distribution and the attention of many leading horror writers, including Ramsey Campbell, Stephen King and William F Nolan. CD also provided a channel for developing writers, like Poppy Z Brite, Bentley Little and Norman Partridge (1958-    ). CD won the World Fantasy Award Special Non-Professional category in 1991. [MA]

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