Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Cazotte, Jacques

(1719-1792) French writer in whose Le Diable Amoureux (1772; trans anon as The Devil in Love 1793 UK; new trans anon as The Enamoured Spirit 1798 UK; best trans Judith Landry as The Devil in Love 1991 UK) a young man, given a Spell with which to raise the Devil, is confronted by the head of a camel who asks him what he wants, then by a mysterious dog, then by a young woman, who is an incarnation of the Devil. Echoes of Arabian Fantasy permeate the tale, whose darker moments seem to promise an Arabian Nightmare of ever deeper Dreams; but all turns out well. With Dom Chavis, JC produced a translation of Arabian Nights manuscripts as Suite des milles et une nuits (as vols 38-41 [1788-1790] of the fairytale anthology series Cabinet des fées; trans Robert Heron as The Arabian Tales, or A Continuation of the Arabian Nights 1792 UK). [JC]

Jacques Cazotte


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