Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Cawthorn, James

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(1929-2008) UK critic, writer and illustrator, associated through much of his career with Michael Moorcock, who edited what may be the first JC Comics illustration work of interest, some late issues of Tarzan Adventures (1951-1959). The Distant Suns (1969 The Illustrated Weekly of India; exp 1975), written with Moorcock under the joint pseudonym Philip James, is sf. He wrote occasional reviews for New Worlds, his copy sometimes thought to be pseudonymous because his initials (JC) were those of Jerry Cornelius. He coscripted with Moorcock The Land that Time Forgot (1975), and was almost entirely responsible for Fantasy: The 100 Best Books (1988), jointly credited to Moorcock; the book is sharp and knowledgeable, and shows nostalgia for a time before fantasy became a highly marketable quantity. JC remains best known for his Graphic-Novel adaptations of Moorcock Heroic-Fantasy texts, including Stormbringer (graph 1975), The Jewel in the Skull (graph 1978), based on the novels with those titles, and The Crystal and the Amulet (graph 1987), based on Sorcerer's Amulet. His style is sometimes seemingly primitive, but can convey a sense of almost uncanny decency; through the foursquare contours of his art, a great deal of emotion wells. [JC]

James Cawthorn


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