Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)

UK tv series (1970-1971). LWT. Pr Quentin Lawrence, Carl Mannin. Exec pr Joy Whitby. Dir David Lane, Lawrence, David Reed. Writer Richard Carpenter. Created by Carpenter. Starring Geoffrey Bayldon (Catweazle), Peter Butterworth (Groome), Robin Davies (Carrot Bennett), Elspet Gray (Lady Collingford), Gary Warren (Cedric Collingford), Moray Watson (Lord Collingford). 26 25min episodes. Colour.

A Wizard from England's early Norman era accidentally falls through Time into the 20th century and is trapped there. Local farmer's lad Carrot helps him adapt to the wonders of the technological age. Catweazle is returned to his own era at the end of the first series. The start of the second sees the same accident; this time he is befriended by Cedric, son of the local gentry. C was much helped by Bayldon's fine, quirky performance in the title role. [JG]

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