Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Cat Girl

UK movie (1957). Insignia/Nat Cohen/Stuart Levy. Pr Herbert Smith. Exec pr Peter Rogers. Dir Alfred Shaughnessy. Mufx Philip Leakey. Screenplay Lou Rusoff. Starring Robert Ayres, Martin Boddey, Kay Callard, Edward Harvey, Lilly Kann, John Lee, Jack May, Ernest Milton, Barbara Shelley (Leonora), John Watson, Patricia Webster (movie lacks proper credits). 69 mins. B/w.

A reworking of Cat People (1942). Leonora is newly wed to already philandering Richard; they travel with friends, including his mistress, to Leonora's old family estate, where they meet also her ex-boyfriend (whom she still loves), Brian, now a happily married psychiatrist. Leonora's batty uncle explains that the family suffers a Curse: by day they are humans but at night their Souls become Cats; as his last surviving relative she will inherit the curse when he dies – which he promptly does, inciting his pet leopard to kill him. She becomes identified with the leopard, which kills (or she kills) Richard. After a period in a lunatic asylum under Brian's care she (or the leopard) tries to kill Brian's wife Dorothy. Arriving in his car, Brian inadvertently runs over the leopard; Leonora is discovered dead from the same injuries as the leopard's. [JG]

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