Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Carr, Terry

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(1937-1987) US writer and editor, best known for his editorial work in sf, although he was equally capable in the field of Fantasy. He was not a prolific writer. Most of his stories are fantasies, including his first, "Who Sups with the Devil" (1962 F&SF). His best sf shines with the inner glow of fantasy. Stories like "The Dance of the Changer and the Three" (in The Farthest Reaches anth 1968 ed Joseph Elder), which considers an alien culture through its own Mythology, and Cirque (1977), which explores the Decadence of a Far-Future city, are sf by subject but fantasy by treatment. His most overt sf pales by comparison, such as Warlord of Kor (1963 dos), a hack space opera.

TC will be best remembered as an editor (in which role he won two Hugo Awards). He was a house editor at Ace Books 1964-1971 under Donald A Wollheim, and helped develop writers including Ursula K Le Guin, R A Lafferty and Samuel R Delany. He also edited many Anthologies (see SFE for full listing), including several of import to the fields of fantasy and Supernatural Fiction. His short-lived New Worlds of Fantasy series – New Worlds of Fantasy (anth 1967; vt Step Outside Your Mind 1969 UK), #2 (anth 1970), #3 (anth 1971) – was the first to recognize the resurgence in fantastic fiction and to explore and define its redevelopment. He revived the series as Year's Finest Fantasy with Year's Finest Fantasy (anth 1978) and Volume 2 (anth 1979), retitled Fantasy Annual with Fantasy Annual III (anth 1981), IV (anth 1981) and V (anth 1981). Although always critically acclaimed, this impressive series, despite being much superior to The Year's Best Fantasy Stories ed Lin Carter, sold poorly. Other retrospective anthologies include The Others (anth 1969) and A Treasury of Modern Fantasy (anth 1981; vt omitting 2 stories Masters of Fantasy 1992) with Martin H Greenberg, restricted predominantly to Magazine supernatural fiction. TC did most of the editorial work on 100 Great Fantasy Short Short Stories (anth 1984) with Isaac Asimov and Greenberg. Just before his death he became fiction editor on the subsequently abortive L. Ron Hubbard's To the Stars sf magazine. [MA]

Terry Gene Carr


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