Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Car, The

US movie (1977). Universal. Pr Marvin Birot, Elliot Silverstein. Dir Silverstein. Vfx Albert Whitlock. Screenplay Michael Butler, Dennis Shryack, Lane Slate. Starring James Brolin (Wade Parent), Ronny Cox (Luke), Kathleen Lloyd (Lauren). 98 mins. Colour.

Almost certainly the purest example of Technofantasy the Cinema has ever produced, this sees Wrongness and Evil, presaged each time by an unnatural wind, invade a small US town in the form of an anonymous, driverless car that mindlessly runs people over. The plot is little more than that. The car is depicted as a Monster, and one that cannot enter hallowed ground; interestingly, we sometimes are allowed a glimpse of its Perception of the world through its yellowed windscreen. When the car is finally "killed" the funnel of flame and smoke that erupts skyward takes the form of a Dragon, or a Demon, or even Satan himself. There is no explanation, although the music soundtrack possibly gives an answer in its various parodies of the Dies Irae. [JG]

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