Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Captain Nice

US tv series (1967). NBC. Pr Jay Sandrich. Exec Pr Buck Henry. Dir Richard Kinon, Gary Nelson, Gene Reynolds, Charles Rondeau, Jay Sandrich, Jud Taylor. Writers Stan Burns, Buck Henry and many others. Created by Henry. Novelization Captain Nice * (1967) by William Johnston. Starring William Daniels (Carter Nash/Captain Nice), Liam Dunn (Mayor Finny), Byron Foulger (Mr Nash), Alice Ghostly (Mrs Nash), Ann Prentice (Sergeant Candy Kane), William Zuckert (Chief Segal). 15 30min episodes. Colour.

This sitcom attempted to do for Superheroes what Get Smart! had done for secret agents – not surprising, as Buck Henry was involved in the birth of both series. CN featured police scientist Carter Nash, who created Super Juice, a strange concoction that turned him into a superhero. The use of Super Juice inevitably would result in an explosion that destroyed his clothes, so Nash was forced to fight crime in a shabby costume created from his underwear. The series was soon cancelled, as was a similar series from the same season, Mr Terrific. [BC]

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