Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Capes, Bernard

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(1854-1918) UK writer. His career began in 1898 with The Lake of Wine, about an accursed jewel. His reputation fell after his death, but he was rediscovered in 1978 by Hugh Lamb (1946-2019). Among more traditional Haunted-Dwelling fare, he showed special skill in depicting trapped souls (> Bondage) – as in "An Eddy on the Floor" (1899), "The Green Bottle" (1902), "The Jade Button" (1906), "The Glass Bell" (1915) and "Poor Lucy Rivers" (1906), the latter being one of the earliest examples of the haunted-typewriter motif. His weird tales are scattered through At a Winter's Fire (coll 1899), Plots (coll 1902), Loaves and Fishes (coll 1906), Bag and Baggage (coll 1913) and The Fabulists (coll 1915). Lamb assembled a selection as The Black Reaper (coll 1989). [MA]

Bernard Capes


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