Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Campbell, Eddie

(1956-    ) UK-born Comic-strip artist and writer, resident in Australia since 1986, most notable for his semi-autobiographical strip Alec in Escape (1980-1984), collected as Alec: Episodes in the Life of Alec McGarry (graph coll 1984 UK), Love and Beerglasses (graph coll 1985 UK), Doggie in the Window (graph coll 1986), The Complete Alec (graph omni with new material 1990 UK), Alec in the Dance of Lifey Death (graph coll 1994 US) and Graphitti Kitchen (graph coll 1995 US), inspired by the writings of Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) and Henry Miller (1891-1980).

EC attended art-school foundation but failed after the first year. However, he created a number of features for the music magazines Sounds and New Musical Express: In the Days of the Ace Rock and Roll Club; two semi-Horror strips with Phil Elliott, together as Charlie Trumper – Rodney: The Premonition (1985) and The Horrors of the Mammy (1985-1986) – and horror reportage with The Pyjama Girl, based on a 1935 murder in Sydney, Australia.

EC's longest-running series has been Deadface, stories about characters from Greek Mythology who survive to the present day; these sharply observed retellings spotlight individuals like Bacchus (see Dionysus). Also of note is The Eyeball Kid. Stories from both series appear in various magazines and anthologies, the bulk being found in Deadface (#1-#8 1987-1988), Bacchus (#1-#2 1988), Immortality Isn't for Ever (1991), Deadface: Doing the Islands with Bacchus (#1-#3 1991 US), The Eyeball Kid (#1-#3 1992 US) and Deadface: Earth, Air, Fire and Water (#1-#4 1992 US).

EC's controversial artwork for Alan Moore's Jack the Ripper series From Hell (projected 16 vols, of which 7 published by end 1995) has attracted criticism for its draughtsmanship. He has also produced The Dead Muse (graph coll 1990 US), Little Italy (graph 1991 US), The Cheque Mate (graph 1992) and Hermes Versus the Eyeball Kid (#1-#3 1994-1995 US). [RT/SH]

Eddie Campbell


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