Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Calthrop, Dion Clayton

(1878-1937) UK writer and illustrator whose The Guide to Fairyland (1906), a Cooks' Tour (> Plot Devices) – for which he did both text and extensive illustration – treats his chosen venue in Wonderland terms; from the moment the Charon-like Captain Bullfinch whisks the narrator away, the dialogue tends to whimsical logic-chopping in a manner perhaps intended to evoke memories of Lewis Carroll. Some of the interpolated Fairytales show imagination, as do some of the sentimentalized visions of harlequinade (> Commedia dell'Arte) expressed in Rouge, Brown (coll 1906) with Haldane MacFall (1860-1928) and The Harlequin Set (1911). The Harlequinade: An Excursion (1918) with Harley Granville-Barker (1877-1946) is a play with fantasy elements. In Hyacinth: An Excursion (1927) the immortal Hyacinth visits London, spreading contentment. [JC]

Dion William Palgrave Clayton Calthrop


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