Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Cabrera Infante, Guillermo

(1929-2005) Cuban-born UK writer, journalist and movie critic, in England since 1966; he also writes as G Cain. He is best-known for those works translated into English, many of which are Fabulations that challenge our Perceptions of history to show the potential for past Alternate Realities (see also Fantasies of History). This is especially true of Tres tristes tigres (1965 Spain; trans Donald Gardner and Suzanne Jill Levine as Three Trapped Tigers 1971 US), which portrays different interpretations of historical events, and the enigmatic Vista del amanecer en el trópics (coll of linked stories 1974 Spain; trans Levine as A View of Dawn in the Tropics 1978 US) – the closest GCI's work comes to Magic Realism – which depicts events through a series of alternate sketches. GCI challenges even his own life in La Habaña para un infante difunto (1979; trans Levine and GCI as Infante's Inferno 1984 US) which, while purporting to be autobiographical, uses different perceptual techniques to provide a multilayered yet obfuscated interpretation of life. [MA]

other works: Asi en la paz como en la guerra ["In Peace as in War"] (coll 1960); screenplays for Wonderwall (1968) and Vanishing Point (1970).

Guillermo Cabrera Infante


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