Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Bushyager, Linda E

(1947-    ) US writer whose two fantasy novels reveal through their titles – Master of Hawks (1979) and The Spellstone of Shaltus (1980) – an element of homage to Andre Norton in the first instance and Marion Zimmer Bradley in the second. Set in a Planetary-Romance venue, and dealing with a prolonged conflict between an inimical Empire and the independent states which surround it, these tales come close to Rationalized Fantasy in their use of telepathy and precognition (> Talents), and Magic whose effects are almost mechanically calculable. In the end, the Empire is defeated, and (in the second volume) an attractively presented heroine (> Heroes and Heroines) helps gain a better world for all. LEB has since fallen silent. [JC]

Linda Eyster Bushyager


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