Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Bushyager, Linda E

(1947-    ) US writer whose two fantasy novels reveal through their titles – Master of Hawks (1979) and The Spellstone of Shaltus (1980) – an element of homage to Andre Norton in the first instance and Marion Zimmer Bradley in the second. Set in a Planetary-Romance venue, and dealing with a prolonged conflict between an inimical Empire and the independent states which surround it, these tales come close to Rationalized Fantasy in their use of telepathy and precognition (see Talents), and Magic whose effects are almost mechanically calculable. In the end, the Empire is defeated, and (in the second volume) an attractively presented heroine (see Heroes and Heroines) helps gain a better world for all. LEB has since fallen silent. [JC]

Linda Eyster Bushyager


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