Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Burns, Jim

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(1948-    ) Welsh painter and illustrator. JB works in oils, and favours a colour scheme featuring muted browns in a composition consisting typically of static three-quarter-length standing figures against a background of space hardware and alien architecture. His early influences were Frank Hampson (1917-1985) and Frank Bellamy. In recent years he has begun to use a fresher colour range and his compositions have become more varied and subtle.

On leaving St Martin's School of Art, London, JB joined the agency Young Artists and worked on book covers, inclining more and more towards sf. He worked on the aborted project to bring Dan Dare to tv, painting large extraterrestrial backgrounds. He did 30 large oil paintings to illustrate the novella Planet Story (graph 1979) by Harry Harrison (1925-2012). He worked briefly on Ridley Scott's ill-fated «Dune» project, and did design paintings for Blade Runner (1982). He also worked on the design stage of Sir Clive Sinclair's C5 miniature electric vehicle project. He did a series of b/w illustrations for Eye (coll 1985) by Frank Herbert.

JB won the Hugo Award as Best Professional Artist in 1987; he was the first non-US artist to do so. He won it again in 1995. [RT]

Other work: Lightship (graph coll 1986), with text by Chris Evans (1951-    ).

Jim Burns


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