Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Bulmer, Kenneth

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(1921-2005) UK writer whose first professionally published works of interest were two sf novels, Space Treason (1952) and Cybernetic Controller (1952), both with A V Clarke (1922-1998). In KB's total bibliography, which runs to over 100 titles, sf does not bulk hugely, but it does represent his most significant work in the field of the fantastic. His fantasy titles are in fact more numerous, due to one series, the Dray Prescot Science-Fantasy sequence set in the interstellar framework common to space opera and comprising an extended set of Planetary Romances. The series includes 37 titles, all as by Alan Burt Akers, or as told to Alan Burt Akers by Dray Prescot (the central figure of the tales), or as by Dray Prescot: Transit to Scorpio (1972 US), The Suns of Scorpio (1973 US), Warrior of Scorpio (1973 US), Swordships of Scorpio (1973 US), Prince of Scorpio (1974 US), Manhounds of Antares (1975 US), Arena of Antares (1974 US), Fliers of Antares (1975 US), Bladesman of Antares (1975 US), Avenger of Antares (1975 US), Armada of Antares (1976 US), The Tides of Kregen (1976 US), Renegades of Kregen (1976 US), Krozair of Kregen (1977 US), Secret Scorpio (1977 US), Savage Scorpio (1978 US), Captive Scorpio (1978 US), Golden Scorpio (1978 US), A Life for Kregen (1979 US), A Sword for Kregen (1979 US), A Fortune for Kregen (1979 US), A Victory for Kregen (1980 US), Beasts of Antares (1980 US), Rebel of Antares (1980 US), Legions of Antares (1981 US), Allies of Antares (1981 US), Mazes of Scorpio (1982 US), Delia of Vallia (1982 US), Fires of Scorpio (1983 US), Talons of Scorpio (1983 US), Masks of Scorpio (1984 US), Seg the Bowman (1984 US), Werewolves of Kregen (1985 US), Witch of Kregen (1985 US), Storm over Vallia (1985 US), Omens of Kregen (1985 US) and Warlords of Antares (1988 US). As Sword and Sorcery derived from Edgar Rice Burroughs, the Dray Prescot books are efficient. Similar titles include Kandar (1969 US), which features a scholar Hero who takes up a Sword, and Swords of the Barbarians (1970 US). The Odan the Half-God sequence, as by Manning Norvil – Dream Chariots (1977), Whetted Bronze (1978 US) and Crown of the Sword God (1980 US) – conveys a Nordic flavour. [JC]

Henry Kenneth Bulmer


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