Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Brooks, Walter R

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(1886-1958) US journalist and writer, active for many years but now remembered almost exclusively for the Freddy the Pig series of Animal Fantasies; his only other work of fantasy interest, Ernestine Takes Over (1935), is a mild tale much under the influence of Thorne Smith. The sequence featuring Freddy and his animal associates is: To and Again (1927; vt Freddy Goes to Florida 1949; vt Freddy's First Adventure 1949 UK), More to and Again (1930; vt Freddy the Explorer 1949 UK; vt Freddy Goes to the North Pole 1951 US), Freddy the Detective (1932), The Story of Freginald (1936; vt Freddy and Freginald 1952 UK), The Clockwork Twin (1937), Wiggins for President (1939; vt Freddy the Politician 1948), Freddy's Cousin Weedly (1940), Freddy and the Ignormus (1941), Freddy and the Perilous Adventure (1942), Freddy and the Bean Home News (1943), Freddy and Mr Camphor (1944), Freddy and the Popinjay (1945), Freddy and the Pied Piper (1946), Freddy the Magician (1947), Freddy Goes Camping (1948), Freddy Plays Football (1949), Freddy the Cowboy (1950), Freddy Rides Again (1951), Freddy the Pilot (1952), Freddy and the Space Ship (1953), The Collected Poems of Freddy the Pig (coll 1953) – this latter assembled from previous volumes – Freddy and the Men from Mars (1954), Freddy and the Baseball Team from Mars (1955), Freddy and Simon the Dictator (1956), Freddy and the Flying Saucer Plans (1957) and Freddy and the Dragon (1958). Later volumes are somewhat thin, lacking the linguistic inventiveness and ingenious plotting of the earlier ones; those early tales, though ostensibly written as Children's Fantasy, are full-length adventures, featuring a richly various cast – animals and humans alike. The sequence continues to warrant attention. Kurt Wiese illustrated all the Freddy the Pig novels, 1927-1958. [JC]

other works: Jenny and the King of Smithia (1947); Henry's Dog Henry (1965); Jimmy Takes Vanishing Lessons (1965).

Walter Rollin Brooks


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