Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Brenner, Mayer Alan

(1956-    ) US writer. His Dance of the Gods sequence – Catastrophe's Spell (1989), Spell of Intrigue (1990), Spell of Fate (1992) and Spell of Apocalypse (1994) – is an amiable recycling of some standard Heroic-Fantasy material: a conflict between a Dirty Dozen of assorted Wizards and warriors and a pantheon of Gods who gradually turn out to be merely more powerful Magic-wielders. AB is entertaining and has a nice feel for acrobatic swashbuckling. His intermittently intelligent use of such tropes as Identity Exchange and Time Abyss – which latter reveals this to be a post-Holocaust future – informs us that he has the capacity to be slightly more than he has so far shown. [RK]

Mayer Alan Brenner


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