Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Brave Little Toaster, The

US Animated Movie (1987). ITC/Hyperion/Kushner-Locke. Pr Donald Kushner, Thomas L Wilhite. Exec pr Willard Carroll, Peter Locke. Dir Jerry Rees. Screenplay Joe Ranft, Rees. Based on The Brave Little Toaster (1981 Fantasy Annual IV; 1986 chap) by Thomas M Disch. Voice actors Timothy E Day (Blanky), Phil Hartman (Air Conditioner), Wayne Kaatz (Bob), Jon Lovitz (Radio), Deanna Oliver (Toaster), Thurl Ravenscroft (Kirby), Tim Stack (Lampy). 90 mins. Colour.

The electrical appliances left behind in a summer cabin set off in Quest of the lost master they recall, not realizing the years have turned their Once and Future King from a little boy into a man. At last, after various alarms and excursions, they reach the City, where the Toaster saves the master's life and all are happily reunited. This is a delightfully simple Fable, translating the tropes and Archetypes of High Fantasy into a quaintly outmoded Technofantasy context – for example, the Toaster himself is a Jack-type Hero. Interestingly, TBLT is confident enough in the strength of its Story almost to abjure two standard tools of Animated Movies: jokes and "business". [JG]

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