Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
Boyer, Elizabeth H

(1952-    ) US writer known almost exclusively for a succession of novels, some only loosely linked and some making up a coherent self-contained sequence, all set in the Fantasyland world of Alfar, a venue dominated by two categories of Elves, the dark and the light: The Sword and the Satchel (1980), The Elves and the Otterskin (1981), The Thrall and the Dragon's Heart (1982), The Wizard and the Warlord (1983), plus the Wizard's War sequence – The Troll's Grindstone (1986), The Curse of Slagfid (1989), The Dragon's Carbuncle (1990) and The Lord of Chaos (1991) – and the Skyla sequence – The Clan of the Warlord (1992), The Black Lynx (1993) and Keeper of Cats (1995). Her storylines are not unconventional: young Heroes and Heroines undertake Quests, generally with Companions and in order to find themselves and/or to counter the machinations of evil Wizards. The range of action seldom extends beyond the normal limits of Heroic Fantasy, though the Wizard's War sequence does climax in a conflict which, if the forces of Good (see Good and Evil) are defeated, will result in a kind of Fimbulwinter. EHB is not normally, however, that ambitious. [JC]

Elizabeth H Boyer


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